Custom Programming


Many successful businesses, have found a nich in today's market that makes them unique. They have also specialized their business model to where an 'off the shelf' software package is not a feasible alternative. And therefore turn to us to custom design a program that meets their present as well as future needs. We take the time to learn how you do business and why you do it the way you do. We then create a custom designed program that blends into your current processes.

Key Benefits with a custom designed software package
Eliminates having to retype information into multiple programs.
Business information is located in one place. No need to update customer information in more than one place.
The flow of the program follows the flow of your business. There is no switching back and forth between screens. Nor are there screens that you never use.
Highly adaptable to your changing needs. As you grow, so will the software package.
Customized reporting. Get the information you need, laid out the way you want. No having to cut copy and paste, or transferring the data to other programs, just to see a report the way you want.
Can be integrated with your existing programs. Have your ordering software talk to your accounting software.
Tools we use to create custom solutions to your business issues

MS Access as well as SQL
Direct link to website for posting of current data.
Ability to send text messages directly from your software.
The new Dot NET environment, which includes both windows apps and Websites.
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
Visual Basic
We will also take the time to learn your existing software to better integrate any new applications.

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