We used the word ‘Consultants’ in our name because it is one of our primary focuses from which our other servers are derived. We offer not only consulting in the IT field, but also in other areas of normal business practices. During the many years of providing our clients with solutions to their issues, we were able to see first hand what works and what doesn't. Using this knowledge, along with good sound business rules and processes, we can identify areas of your business that are not operating at top efficiency.

Key Benefits
  • A fresh set of eyes looking at the way you do business.
  • There is no obligation to implementing our advice.
  • We have no preconceived notions about how to do your job.
We needed to stream line our reporting process. Taking at least one full week a month to generate the Union regulated monthly dues form.  After reviewing the form, and the actually sitting thru the current process, Program Consultants wrote an Access based database that handles not only the union dues reporting, but the ADP reporting and Employee data as well.  The process that used to take a full week, now takes less than a day.  It saved us 32 hours a month.
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